Registration is now open for VidUKon 2020!

VidUKon 2020 will take place on June 12-14, at the Future Inn, Cardiff Bay.

If you’d like to register to attend or support the next con, you can now do so at the Convention Registration page on the VidUKon website. From now until December 31, you can also get a 10% discount on the standard attending membership price by using the discount code FESTIVE20 on the registration page.

Registration will remain open until mid-May, although prices may rise slightly in April as the con gets nearer.

Tickets for the Saturday night dinner are not yet available - watch this space for more news on this shortly!

Auction Coming Soon

The VidUKon 2020 auction will be open for signups from January 10 to January 17. If you’d like to offer your vidding services to help raise money for the con and for charity, now’s the time to start thinking about what you might like to offer.

If you’re planning to bid in the auction, add these dates to your diary - bidding opens on 24 Jan, and closes at 8pm on 31 Jan, UK time.

Show and Panel Submissions

We will open for content submissions for the whole of February 2020, so get your thinking caps on! We very much welcome submissions from first-time VJs/panellists, from non-vidders, and from folks not able to attend in person. 

Vid Essays

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Premieres and Vidder's Choice Uploads Now Open Until May 13

Uploads are now open for Premieres and Vidder's Choice! You have until the end of Monday 13 May to upload your vids for these two shows. If you're not sure what you can submit, take a look HERE for more information. The key points are:

- absolutely anyone can submit a vid to Premieres, but it has to be brand new, showing for the first time at the con

- vidders who are attending or supporting the convention can upload any previously released vid from their back catalogue to the Vidder's Choice show

How to Upload:

- Log into the VidUKon site, or create an account if you don't already have one

- Click on Upload in the right-hand menu, or head straight to the upload page

- Click on either Premieres or Vidder's Choice

- Fill in the details of your vid

- If you already have download links for your vid, paste them into the boxes at the bottom left of the page, then click Add.

- If you don't have download links already, click Add without pasting, and you will be taken to a Dropbox page where you can upload your vid

If you're submitting to Vidder's Choice, your vid can be in any format playable in VLC. If you're providing a link rather than uploading, just paste that link into the Video Link box and you're good!

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Premieres, Vidder's Choice and Attendance Deadlines

In the next few days, the website will be opened for vid submissions for both Premieres and Vidder's Choice! Keep an eye on our social media to find out exactly when submissions open and how to submit your vid through the site, but in the meantime, have a think about what you might like to submit.


Absolutely any vidder can submit a premiering vid to VidUKon. You do not need to be attending or supporting the convention. You do not need to be at any particular level of skill or experience. The vid you submit can be in any fandom, genre or style. It can be a solo vid or a collaboration. The only requirement is that the vid be completely new, showing for the first time at the con. This means that once you submit it to us, you cannot release it online or show it at any other convention until after the Premieres show on Saturday night of the con. After that you can release the vid as usual.

The deadline for Premieres is Monday 13 May, so make sure to upload your vid to the site before then. Ideally we prefer vids to be submitted in our standard Premieres format - there's more information about how to achieve this at the bottom of THIS POST. However, if you're unable to do this for whatever reason, please submit your vid anyway and we can handle it - we'd hate to lose out on your vid!

Vidder's Choice

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VidUKon Draft Schedule Announced

 If you're coming to this year's VidUKon, or you're thinking about it, here's what's in store for 2019:

Friday 14 June, 2019

13:00 Registration (registration will continue to be open between sessions after this)

14:00 Informal vid-watching/Social time

15:00 Coffee/tea break

15:30 VIDSHOW: 2009 Retrospective

16:30 Break

18:00 Quiz

19:30 VIDSHOW: Vidder's Choice

21:00 VIDSHOW: Be Gay, Do Crimes

22:00 Lithy & Doccy's "Tea" Party

Saturday 15 June, 2019

09:45 VIDSHOW: Festivids

10:45 VIDSHOW: Behind the Scenes

11:45 Coffee/tea break

12:00 PANEL: Group Vidding Workshop

13:30 Lunch (hallway buffet to allow the group vidding to continue into lunch if necessary)

15:00 VIDSHOW: A Brief History of Found Footage Film

16:00 Break

16:15 VIDSHOW: Monsters

17:15 PANEL: Anatomy of a Vid

18:15 Dinner (Thomas Restaurant)

20:15 VIDSHOW: Eurovision

21:15 VIDSHOW: Premieres

Sunday 16 June, 2019

10:00 Vid Show: Best of CreaSpace

11:00 VIDSHOW: But What About Teh Menz?

12:00 PANEL: New Exciting Tech Developments

13:00 Lunch

14:00 PANEL: Year In Review

15:00  VIDSHOW: Storytelling

16:00 Feedback

This schedule may be subject to small changes closer to the con, but this is the rough shape of the weekend! Since there's only one programming track, attendees who wish to can attend every session, but the breakout room is always available if you want to skip a session to chat, relax or vid!

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Important Update: Room Block Fully Booked!

The convention-rate room block at the Future Inn Cardiff Bay has now sold out, ahead of the deadline.

If you were hoping to stay in Cardiff, don't worry, you still have plenty of options!

If you'd like to share a room in the convention hotel, consider leaving a comment on the Find a Roommate post. There may well be attendees looking for someone to share the costs of their room. (If you are an attendee looking to share the cost of your room, now would be the perfect time to comment and mention that fact!) There are also still some regular-rate rooms available at the convention hotel.

If you'd like to find another hotel, availability is limited and prices are a little higher because of the Elton John concert on Saturday night, but there are still rooms to be had! The Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Bay is a short walk from the Future Inn, although it's much pricier than the con rates. The Premier Inn Cardiff North is a 15-minute drive away but more affordable. The Sleeperz Hotel is a less-than-10-minute drive away and has some availability at time of writing.

Airbnb also has some properties available for the weekend of the con.

If you'd like to come to VidUKon and you haven't yet booked accommodation, we recommend getting it done as soon as possible as prices are likely to go up nearer the time.

What's Coming Up at VidUKon 2019?

There are just about three months left before VidUKon 2019, so if you're thinking of joining us in Cardiff on June 14-16, here's a taste of what's on the schedule for the weekend:

We've got vidshows aplenty. From regulars like Vidder's Choice, Best of CreaSpace and highlights from Festivids 2018 to themed shows, with topics including monsters, a 2009 retrospective, stories, be gay do crimes, found footage films, masculinities and behind the scenes.

On Saturday night, check out the big event, the annual Premieres show, showcasing brand new vids from all kinds of fandoms.

Plus there will be panels, including Anatomy of a Vid, the Year in Vidding discussion and a look at some exciting tech developments.

For the third year running, you can take part in the (in)famous group vidding workshop - join a team to vid a section of a song in just three hours, then stitch the pieces together! (No vidding experience required, all groups will have at least one confident vidder.)

If you're most excited about socialising at the con, you'll be glad to hear that the programme includes a quiz, a room party, and a con dinnerbefore the Premieres show on Saturday night, as well as plenty of opportunities to chat between programme items. 

If you'd like to attend, it's time to get your skates on - the price for attending membership will rise on Saturday April 13, so take advantage of the current price while you still can!

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Find a Roommate!

If you're coming to VidUKon in June, you'll probably need somewhere to stay! Rooms in the Future Inn Cardiff Bay have been set aside at a special rate for the convention, and these can be booked until Sunday April 14:

Friday 14 June - £94 single / £104 twin or double

Saturday 15 June - £119 single / £129 twin or double

Sunday 16 June - £74 single / £84 twin or double

We recommend taking advantage of the convention rooms if you can - Elton John is performing in Cardiff on the weekend of the con, so rooms elsewhere may be expensive and difficult to find.

Each room is wheelchair accessible, has two double beds and can accommodate up to four people (for more than two people, check rates with the hotel.) Breakfast is included in the rate.

If you'd like to find someone to share a room with, comment HERE or take a look to see if anyone else has already commented.

While we're here, a reminder that vidshow and panel suggestions close this evening! For more info on this and other important dates, take a look HERE.

VidUKon is a UK-based, fan-run, vid-focused convention. This year it's taking place in Cardiff on June 14-16. If you're interested to learn more, take a look at our FAQ.

VidUKon Update: Vidshows, panels, premieres, room bookings and scholarship

This year’s con is getting closer! With that in mind, here are a few things worth knowing:

  • Vidshow and panel submissions are now open, until Monday March 4 2019! Check THIS POST for more details on how to submit an idea.

  • We are also seeking brand new, never-before-seen vids for our flagship Premieres show! Vids can be in any genre, style or fandom. You don't have to be attending or supporting VidUKon to submit a premiere. More information will be available soon, but the deadline for premiering vids will likely be sometime in May.

  • Some rooms have been set aside in the Future Inn Cardiff Bay for VidUKon attendees, at a special con rate. These can be reserved by getting in touch with the hotel by phone or email, and mentioning that you are attending the con and would like one of the VidUKon reserved rooms. These rooms will be held for us until Sunday April 14 2019, so make sure you book before then!

  • Nominations are open for our scholarship! The scholarship offers support to one individual who has not been to the con in the past and would like to attend. Priority is given to Non-UK European applicants, but UK and international vidders and vid fans are also welcome to apply! Nominations will close on Sunday 31 March 2019. Take a look HERE for more details, or to make a donation to the scholarship fund.

  • The VidUKon auction is running again! Kind and awesome vidders can offer their vidding services to be bid on to raise money to contribute to the running of the con. Signups for vidders are running until Saturday 19 January 2019, and bidding will take place between Sunday 20 January 2019 and Saturday 26 January 2019. Sign up or keep an eye on the bidding HERE.

  • If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can register for your attending or supporting membership HERE.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you at the con!

All new programming ideas for VidUKon 2019!

Yes, this is the place for you to bash out, brainstorm, collaborate, run away with, wow us all and fling suggestions for VidUKon 2019 panels and vidshows!

We always get more vidshows than panel ideas, so don’t forget to give those panels some love and as usual, we’re open to combos, new formats, workshops… whatever ideas you have, bring them here!

Veteran VJs are welcome and so are first-timers - if you'd like to put a vidshow together but don't know where to start, get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Priority will be given to attending members, but supporting members can put together vidshows for us as well.

Vidshow and panel submissions will remain open until March 4 2019.

Submit vidshow ideas here: and panel ideas here:

VidUKon 2019 - 14th-16th June

The next incarnation of VidUKon, the UK's fan vidding convention, will take place in Cardiff on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of June, 2019.

We'll have all the usual delights:

- vidshows including themed shows, Vidder's Choice, and our flagship Premieres show on Saturday night

- panels, discussions and workshops to dig deeper into vids, as a creator and a viewer

- plenty of opportunities for socialising with other vid fans

Stay tuned for more information soon about registration, vidshow and panel submissions, room bookings and more!