vidukonnews (vidukonnews) wrote in vidukon,

WE NEED YOU(r panel ideas!)

The deadline for Panel submissions has been extended to April 30th. Right now we only have shows, but no panel submissions!

If you have an awesome, interesting, weird, wonderful or even zany, idea for a panel, please please please submit it! If you're unsure about going it alone, or just want some reassurance that other people are totally into your idea, comment here and talk it out!

For inspiration: vividcon's panels this year:

Previously we have had panels on: colour, choreography, multifandom, opening sequences, acquiring source, running a convention, codecs, sound, after effects, AU, character studies, robots, clip choice, humour, narration, vidding theory...

and in 1812, formal dance, music and mystery and parlour games ;)

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