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Update: Important Dates, Memberships, Room Bookings, Scholarship, Premieres and Vidder’s Choice

Hello everyone!

With the con exactly three months away, now seems like a good time to share a roundup of some important dates and other information.

Attending and Supporting Memberships:

Attending memberships are still on sale. For the low, low price of £39.99, you can attend this year’s fabulous convention in glamorous Cardiff! Get your tickets soon though, as the price rises to £49.99 on April 13. After that, you have a month remaining to buy tickets before bookings end on May 13. (Bear in mind while booking that tickets for the Saturday night dinner are £18.99, and you may wish to pay for this at the same time!)

If you’re attending the convention, bear in mind that programming begins on Friday afternoon - you’re welcome to arrive at any time that works for you, but if you have the chance to arrive earlier there will be some slightly more casual programming from around lunchtime on the Friday.

Supporting memberships are on sale until May 31. A supporting membership of the convention gets you real-time streaming access to the virtual con, a downloadable copy of the Premieres DVD, the opportunity to showcase any one of your backlist vids in the Vidder’s Choice show, and the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the con! All of this will set you back £15.99.

For either option, just go to the site to register:

Room Bookings:

Hotel rooms are available at the con rate until 15 April. You can have up to four people in a room, although once you have more than two people, each additional person adds a small extra amount to the overall price. Take a look at this post for more information or to find a roommate:


The VidUKon scholarship is still open for nominations (very much including self-nominations) of European fans who are Non-UK-resident, have not been to the con in the past, and would like to attend.

All nominations (European, UK and international) will close on Sunday April 1 and the scholarship will be awarded by April 9 to allow the recipient sufficient time to make travel arrangements. If there has been no interest from international fans by the March 19 the scholarship will be made available to UK residents. Take a look here for more information:

Premieres and Vidder’s Choice:

The deadline for submitting vids to both Premieres and Vidder’s Choice is the end of May 14, which is a Monday. You will be able to upload your vids for both shows on the VidUKon site from the beginning of May - we’ll let you know when!

All vidders, regardless of attendance/support of the con, are invited to submit premieres. A premiere is a vid that hasn't been shown in any previous convention or event and has not been released online prior the con. It will be shown for the first time ever at the Premieres show on Saturday night at the con.

The Vidder’s Choice show is open to anyone with an attending or supporting membership for this year. We invite you to submit absolutely any vid from your back catalogue, as long as it has been posted online or shown at a con previously.


March 19 - scholarship opens to UK residents if no international fans have come forward

April 1 - scholarship nominations close

April 13 - attending memberships rise in price

April 15 - last day to book hotel rooms at the con rate

May 13 - attending memberships close

May 14 - upload deadline for Premieres and Vidder’s Choice

May 31 - supporting memberships close

June 15-17 - VidUKon!

Hoping to see you at the con, either virtually or IRL!

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