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VidUKon 2018: A Sneak Peek

Concom, VJs, panellists and vidders are all working away behind the scenes to create this year’s convention - the tenth anniversary of VidUKon’s first year! A full schedule will be released a little closer to the time, but if you’re trying to decide whether to attend, here’s a partial list of what’s coming up:

- Multifandom vidshows (curated playlists of fanvids that are shown on the big screen) on a variety of themes, including dance vids, the history of femslash, a look back at Vividcon auction vids, highlights from CreaSpace, diversity in vidding, a 2008 fandoms anniversary retrospective, the BBC, Festivids, and VidUKon’s first ever singalong vidshow!

- Saturday night’s big event, the Premieres show, showcasing brand new vids from all kinds of fandoms

- Vidder’s Choice, an opportunity for vidders who are attending or supporting the convention to show off their back-catalogue vids in any genre or style

- Panels and talks, including the annual Year in Vidding discussion, a chance to learn about new academic research in vids and vidding, vids past and future, and more!

- The return of last year’s highly successful group vidding workshop! Join a team to vid a section of a song in a single morning, stitch together the sections from all the teams, admire the glorious Frankenvid!

- Tons of opportunities for socialising and squee, including a quiz, a room party, and the con dinner on Saturday night

All of this takes place on 15-17 June 2018 at VidUKon’s regular home, the Future Inn Hotel, Cardiff Bay. There’s a block of rooms allocated for VidUKon at a special rate, the con space and hotel rooms are wheelchair accessible, and there are lots of food options and a supermarket within walking distance.

To learn more, check out our most recent news update and explore the VidUKon website:

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