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VidUKon is looking for premiering vids!

Attention vidders!

VidUKon is seeking brand new, never-before-seen fanvids for our Saturday night Premieres show!

Vids can be in any genre, style or fandom. You don't have to be attending or supporting VidUKon to submit a premiere. All you have to do is make a vid, submit it on the VidUKon site before May 14, and keep it under wraps until the Premieres show on June 16 - after that you can post it online as normal.

(The site will open for submissions in early May, so don't worry if you can't upload yet.)

Your vid will be shown on the big screen for all attendees of VidUKon, and if you wish it can be made available via streaming for supporting members in the virtual convention too.

(If you'd like more information about VidUKon generally, there's a roundup of important info here: and a sneak peek at programming here:

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