vidukonnews (vidukonnews) wrote in vidukon,

All new programming ideas for VidUKon 2019!

Yes, this is the place for you to bash out, brainstorm, collaborate, run away with, wow us all and fling suggestions for VidUKon 2019 panels and vidshows!

We always get more vidshows than panel ideas, so don’t forget to give those panels some love and as usual, we’re open to combos, new formats, workshops… whatever ideas you have, bring them here!

Veteran VJs are welcome and so are first-timers - if you'd like to put a vidshow together but don't know where to start, get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Priority will be given to attending members, but supporting members can put together vidshows for us as well.

Vidshow and panel submissions will remain open until March 4 2019.

Submit vidshow ideas here: and panel ideas here:


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