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Find a Roommate!

If you're coming to VidUKon in June, you'll probably need somewhere to stay! Rooms in the Future Inn Cardiff Bay have been set aside at a special rate for the convention, and these can be booked until Sunday April 14:

Friday 14 June - £94 single / £104 twin or double

Saturday 15 June - £119 single / £129 twin or double

Sunday 16 June - £74 single / £84 twin or double

We recommend taking advantage of the convention rooms if you can - Elton John is performing in Cardiff on the weekend of the con, so rooms elsewhere may be expensive and difficult to find.

Each room is wheelchair accessible, has two double beds and can accommodate up to four people (for more than two people, check rates with the hotel.) Breakfast is included in the rate.

If you'd like to find someone to share a room with, comment HERE or take a look to see if anyone else has already commented.

While we're here, a reminder that vidshow and panel suggestions close this evening! For more info on this and other important dates, take a look HERE.

VidUKon is a UK-based, fan-run, vid-focused convention. This year it's taking place in Cardiff on June 14-16. If you're interested to learn more, take a look at our FAQ.


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