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What's Coming Up at VidUKon 2019?

There are just about three months left before VidUKon 2019, so if you're thinking of joining us in Cardiff on June 14-16, here's a taste of what's on the schedule for the weekend:

We've got vidshows aplenty. From regulars like Vidder's Choice, Best of CreaSpace and highlights from Festivids 2018 to themed shows, with topics including monsters, a 2009 retrospective, stories, be gay do crimes, found footage films, masculinities and behind the scenes.

On Saturday night, check out the big event, the annual Premieres show, showcasing brand new vids from all kinds of fandoms.

Plus there will be panels, including Anatomy of a Vid, the Year in Vidding discussion and a look at some exciting tech developments.

For the third year running, you can take part in the (in)famous group vidding workshop - join a team to vid a section of a song in just three hours, then stitch the pieces together! (No vidding experience required, all groups will have at least one confident vidder.)

If you're most excited about socialising at the con, you'll be glad to hear that the programme includes a quiz, a room party, and a con dinnerbefore the Premieres show on Saturday night, as well as plenty of opportunities to chat between programme items. 

If you'd like to attend, it's time to get your skates on - the price for attending membership will rise on Saturday April 13, so take advantage of the current price while you still can!

Plus, we advise you to organise your room booking for the con as soon as possible - since Elton John is performing in Cardiff on the Saturday night, affordable rooms may be difficult to find. Take advantage of the con room block before Sunday, April 14. More information HERE.

One last thing - nominations for our scholarship close on Sunday 31 March. If you'd like to attend the con but are unable to afford it, and you have not attended before, do take a look HERE. Priority is given to vidders from non-UK Europe, but anyone can be nominated, and self-nominations are encouraged!


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