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Important Update: Room Block Fully Booked!

The convention-rate room block at the Future Inn Cardiff Bay has now sold out, ahead of the deadline.

If you were hoping to stay in Cardiff, don't worry, you still have plenty of options!

If you'd like to share a room in the convention hotel, consider leaving a comment on the Find a Roommate post. There may well be attendees looking for someone to share the costs of their room. (If you are an attendee looking to share the cost of your room, now would be the perfect time to comment and mention that fact!) There are also still some regular-rate rooms available at the convention hotel.

If you'd like to find another hotel, availability is limited and prices are a little higher because of the Elton John concert on Saturday night, but there are still rooms to be had! The Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Bay is a short walk from the Future Inn, although it's much pricier than the con rates. The Premier Inn Cardiff North is a 15-minute drive away but more affordable. The Sleeperz Hotel is a less-than-10-minute drive away and has some availability at time of writing.

Airbnb also has some properties available for the weekend of the con.

If you'd like to come to VidUKon and you haven't yet booked accommodation, we recommend getting it done as soon as possible as prices are likely to go up nearer the time.


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