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Premieres and Vidder's Choice Uploads Now Open Until May 13

Uploads are now open for Premieres and Vidder's Choice! You have until the end of Monday 13 May to upload your vids for these two shows. If you're not sure what you can submit, take a look HERE for more information. The key points are:

- absolutely anyone can submit a vid to Premieres, but it has to be brand new, showing for the first time at the con

- vidders who are attending or supporting the convention can upload any previously released vid from their back catalogue to the Vidder's Choice show

How to Upload:

- Log into the VidUKon site, or create an account if you don't already have one

- Click on Upload in the right-hand menu, or head straight to the upload page

- Click on either Premieres or Vidder's Choice

- Fill in the details of your vid

- If you already have download links for your vid, paste them into the boxes at the bottom left of the page, then click Add.

- If you don't have download links already, click Add without pasting, and you will be taken to a Dropbox page where you can upload your vid

If you're submitting to Vidder's Choice, your vid can be in any format playable in VLC. If you're providing a link rather than uploading, just paste that link into the Video Link box and you're good!

If you're submitting to Premieres, we prefer vids to be submitted in our standard Premieres format, as described at the bottom of this post. This will leave you with separate video and audio files. If you'd like to use the link option, you can paste the links for these into the separate boxes. If you use the Dropbox option, you can upload multiple files there. However, if you have trouble with getting your vid into this format, please send it in whatever format you have it - we'd much rather have the vid than not!


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