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Fri, Dec. 15th, 2017, 07:03 pm
vidukonnews: Announcements - Dates, Programming Submissions, Scholarship Nominations, Festive Discount

Greetings everyone!

Preparations for Vidukon 2018 are in full swing. 2018’s convention will take place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June, at the Future Inn Hotel, Cardiff Bay.

As usual, there’ll be a festive discount available for those who want to get their attending registrations nice and early. Early registration is open from December 22 until December 28. Using the discount code FESTIVE17, you’ll be able to get a 5% discount on the £39.99 attending membership between these dates.

If you’re interested in making a vidshow, running a panel, or organising other content we haven’t yet thought of, now is the time to get thinking about it! Vidshow and panel submissions are now open. Vidshow submissions will remain open until February 28, and panel submissions will remain open until March 6. Look out for more detailed information and an ideas post soon.

Scholarship applications/nominations are also now open for European applicants outside the UK. The VidUKon Scholarship is funded by donations and intended to offer support to one fan who is Non-UK-resident, has not been to the con in the past and would like to attend. For more information, or to nominate yourself or somebody else (self-nominations are encouraged!), take a look here:


All nominations (European, UK & international) will close on Sunday April 1 and the scholarship will be awarded by April 9 to allow the recipient sufficient time to make travel arrangements. If there has been no interest from international fans by the March 19 the scholarship will be made available to UK residents.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for announcements about the auction, room bookings, and more.

Sat, Jul. 15th, 2017, 10:18 pm
cosmic_llin: I'd Lie For You - A Frankenvid

At VidUKon 2017, attendees were put into groups and were provided with a range of source material and sections of a song. This is the vid we created. Affectionately known as the Frankenvid, it was screened as the finale of VUK2017.

Mon, Mar. 27th, 2017, 10:03 pm
vidukonnews: General Roundup of Significant Dates

Hello everyone!

There's a lot going on over the next couple of weeks, so i thought it would be a good time to push out a general update.

First things first...


Currently, there are still 3 rooms available for the Friday night, 2 for the Saturday night, and 6 for the Sunday night. The hold on these rooms ends on the 16th of April, after which the hotel prices tend to go up pretty steadily the closer you get to the con. Don't forget, we have a roomies thread on dreamwidth and on LJ, both of which include the reminder that it's best to talk to the Reservations desk about booking - make sure you mention it's for VidUKon. I booked my room earlier today, and the staff were very friendly - don't be afraid to ring.

Thread on DW: http://vidukon-cardiff.dreamwidth.org/29285.html
Thread on LJ: http://vidukon.livejournal.com/59073.html


Don't forget - the cost of an attending membership goes up on the 15th of April. If you're hesitating about coming, this is close enough to the day the rooms get released back for general purchase by Muggles, so it may be worth grabbing your membership and your room booking at the same time...

You can buy your registration by going to the con site; it should be listed in the panel on the left, although you'll need to create an account to buy a membership.


The scholarship is still available - the deadline for nominations is the 1st of April. More detail is available in the threads on the scholarship, but we're keen to see as many nominations as you're willing to make - this is our chance to bring someone to the con who wouldn't otherwise get the chance to attend. The post contains all the detail on priorities, donations and the like. Please give it a read!

Thead on DW: http://vidukon-cardiff.dreamwidth.org/30049.html
Thread on LJ: http://vidukon.livejournal.com/59459.html


There are times at the con generally used for chilling out, and our programming on the Friday begins with informal vidwatching and entertainment. One of the suggestions made was that it might be fun to play some boardgames and cardgames as a way of helping people get to know each other. Is this something you're interested in? If you are, drop me a comment on LJ/DW or ping the con twitter account (@vidukon) to let me know - or to make suggestions.

Sun, Mar. 12th, 2017, 11:03 am
vidukonnews: VidUKon 2017 Scholarship!

Do you live in a land far, far away? Would you like to attend the con but lack the necessary funds to make it happen? There might be help available!

Even though the con is held in the UK we like to think of it as an European event. We’ve had attendees from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Russia in the past, but through the scholarship, we hope to enable more people from abroad to attend in future. The VidUKon Scholarship is funded by donations and intended to offer support to one fan that is a Non-UK resident, has not been to the con in the past and would like to attend.

The scholarship includes:

- Attending membership for the con
- Accommodation for 2 nights (Friday & Saturday) on the basis of 2 sharing a room at the con hotel (if you are unable to find anybody to share those funds will be made available to you to book alternative accommodation)
- Saturday dinner ticket

If there is more than one applicant eligible for the scholarship preference will be given first to those who have contributed to the con in the past (made Premiere vids, hosted vid shows or run panels) and then to those living the farthest away (since their travel costs are bound to be higher). We are happy to provide help with getting a UK visa if required - please contact Amnisias for details.

Applicants from the UK and outside Europe will be considered if there are no European applicants. Our definition of Europe is loose and includes all of Russia and Turkey as well as Israel (yes, we do take our lead from the Eurovision Song Contest, why do you ask?). The concom reserves the right to make the final decision if there is more than one applicant meeting all the criteria.

Self-nominations are strongly encouraged; or you might want to nominate somebody else you know who meets the criteria and would like to attend. Either way, the way to go is to complete the form down below, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact amnisias@hotmail.com who'll be happy to help. All nominations (European, UK & international) will close on Saturday the 1st of April 2017 and the scholarship will be awarded by the 9th of April 2017 to allow the recipient sufficient time to make travel arrangements. If there has been no interest from international fans by the 1st of April 2017 the scholarship will be availlable to UK residents.

The scholarship fund is kept separate from con expenses and will not be used to cover them under any circumstances. Any extra funds will either be used towards travel expenses for this year's recipient or saved for the following year's scholarship fund. In the event that the con stops running any remaining funds will be donated to an international charity organisation.

Thu, Mar. 2nd, 2017, 10:14 am
cosmic_llin: One week left! -- For Panel and Vidshow submissions

Finalise your ideas now! Only a few days left 'till submissions close! (March 6th).

Show ideas here and panel ideas here. Ideas post here.

Sun, Feb. 19th, 2017, 08:02 pm
vidukonnews: Roomies For VidUKon!

Roomies For VidUKon

These posts have two purposes; firstly, to help people arrange their rooms for VidUKon, and secondly, to help them find roommates to share with if they're so inclined. The posts are on both Livejournal and DreamWidth, so please make sure to post on both if you're looking for a roomie.

Booking Your Room

Here are the current room rates:

Friday - £94.00 B&B single and £104.00 B&B double or twin
Saturday - £119.00 B&B single or £129.00 B&B double or twin

If you want to have more than 2 people in a room, make sure to check the rate when you're booking.

There are currently 10 rooms being held for the con; these rooms are only being held until 16 April. If you book later than that, you're fighting to get a booking at the regular room rates, whatever they are. Rates tend to go up sharply, particularly if there's an event on in Cardiff, so don't delay.

Sometimes the staff can get confused about what rate to book you at. We strongly recommend speaking to the Reservations department to arrange your room, not Reception. The reservations people are much more clued up, and should know what you're talking about if you say that you want to book one of the rooms reserved for VidUKon.

Finding a Roomie

In theory, finding a roomie should be simple - ask for one in a comment here, another kind soul spots your post and shouts "Yay!" and you work things out. However, to help with that, the con twitter will keep reminding people that someone's looking for a roomie, if there's a comment here saying that someone is looking. Hopefully, everything will be ... simples.

Sat, Feb. 11th, 2017, 12:42 pm
cosmic_llin: Help put together the Festivids show!

As is traditional, this year's Vidukon will feature a show highlighting a few of the many gorgeous vids from this year's festivids exchange!

We're trying something new this year, though - the show will be assembled based on suggestions from you, the Vidukon community! If you want to take part, head on over to the poll and let us know your top five Festivids:


Go forth and suggest!

Thu, Jan. 26th, 2017, 08:01 pm
vidukonnews: VidUKon 2017 Auction Is Live!

VidUKon 2017 Auction Is Live!

The VidUKon 2017 auction is up and running, and the bids are already fast and frantic. Five lovely, wonderful people have volunteered to make one vid each for us, to help raise money for things like some speakers, so that we can avoid having to rely on the hotel's sound system, which is sounding about as old, creaky and cranky as I do.

The auction is running until 8pm GMT on the 29th of January, so there's roughly three days of bidding to go. We can't thank the lovely auction volunteers enough, but hopefully they know just how much we appreciate what they're doing! If you'd like to bid on one or more of the vidders, or even if you'd just like to watch everyone else fighting over them, here's the link to use: http://www.vidukon.co.uk/convention/auction

Without further ado, let me introduce our lovely vidders... more information is available on the auction page, but this should give you an idea of the amazing things you could be in line to see if you win an auction...

Frith: known for making rich, layered vids, Frith really brings home a strong narrative and excellent characterisation through exquisite and effective clip choice. A natural storyteller, her vids are complex, thoughtful works that you'll be pondering for a long time afterwards. If you're lucky enough to win her auction, not only will you love your vid, but you'll be amazed at her knack for using lyrics to draw out elements of the story she's telling...

isagel: powerful emotions are always a huge part of isagel's vids; often celebrating tiny fandoms and encompassing a range of relationships and sexuality, her work can be brutal even as it exalts those characters she vids. Perhaps the vidder in the auction most likely to be able to vid the tiny show you love that no-one else has ever heard of, isagel's work encompasses not just movies and tv but also computer games, from the gorgeously painted to the remarkably abstract, and every vid is a joy to watch... even as the characters tear your heart out...

jagwriter78: if it were possible to summarise jagwriter in a single word, that word would be "passion". There's no other way to describe someone who can love a show so much that they make dozens upon dozens of vids for a show they love, and each one is better than the one before. With an amazing eye for pacing and a fierce love of her shows, jagwriter is an amazing vidder with an eye for the dramatic, the evocative, and the hilarious. Ever wanted to see Richard Castle as Elvis? Jagwriter's your vidder. Jagwriter's vids display her fierce love for the things she vids, and it's glorious to behold!

cosmic_llin: have you ever seen one of the VidUKon shows, watched a Star Trek vid, and been overwhelmed with feelings? There's a 90% chance that was llin reaching out through your monitor to leave you feeling wonderful. As adept with comedy as she is with drama, llin channels emotion like no-one else, and she could do that for you - if you're lucky enough to win her in the auction! Note: VidUKon cannot be held responsible if you end up crying tears of joy. You have been warned.

LithiumDoll: the dark queen of VidUKon, the great and terrible one who rules us all, and all who know her shall love her and despair, for she is glorious... and in our auction! Combining exquisite timing and editing with a tremendous sense of character, movement and physicality, her vids are gripping, entertaining and unafraid to take a walk on the dark side.

Sun, Jan. 15th, 2017, 10:01 pm
vidukonnews: Auctions!


We're running the VidUKon auction again! The auction has a been a big success for the previous two years, and we're hoping that with the help of some lovely volunteers, it can be again. Thanks to past auctions, we've been able to do things like buy our own projector - freeing us from the unreliable hotel projector - provide more tea and coffee, provide nicer food, provide a USB copy of the library, confirm the hotel for the next two cons rather than just one, and give donations to charity. That's all thanks to you - the people who volunteered to be auctioned, and the people who bid on those auctions!

What does the auction involve? Basically, lovely people volunteer to make a vid for the person who submits the highest bid for that person. That the vid will be about is agreed after the auction, but the people being auctioned usually suggest things they'd like to vid, shows and fandoms they'd be happy to vid for, and so on. Enthusiastic people then bid on the auction, the vids are made, the con gets extra stuff, money goes to charity, and amazing bidders get lovely vids.

You don't need to be an amazing or experienced vidder to volunteer to be auctioned! We've had a range of vidders from the relatively inexperienced to the very well-known and accomplished, and every single person has been bid on multiple times. By volunteering to be auctioned, you help the con out immensely, and you get to make a vid that will delight the person who won your auction, and there's a pretty good chance you'll get extra jelly beans at the con too,if you're attending.

What Do We Want To Do?

There are several things we'd like to do this year, which the auction can help with. We'd like to get our own speakers for the con; as you may have heard, the hotel sound system is... erratic. Whilst there's one person who has fun trying to work out what's causing the high-pitched whine each year, we moved across to using speakers borrowed from one of the ConCom, but we'd like to get the con its own speakers - hopefully with things like longer cables, so that we can give everyone a better audio experience to go with the great vid experience.

We'd also like to be able to provide more tea and coffee again, and nicer food. Last year, we had a quiz with prizes, the prizes being donated privately by one of the ConCom; we'd like to be able to add prizes from the con as a whole, too. One of the con attendees has generously helped out by acting as a kind of con taxi for years, ferrying people around, providing lifts, and going on emergency runs when something catches fire or we find that we're missing something. They've always done that out of pocket each year, but this year we'd really like to try and contribute to their vehicle hire and running around costs. And, last but not least, we'd like to be able to donate more to charity.

Those aren't a hard limit or list of goals, though - if there are other things you think it'd be good for the con to do/have that could be auction stretch goals, please do let us know - both years the auction has run, we've raised more than expected, which is a measure of how lovely all of our bidders (you) are!

What Are The Timelines?

The site is open for people to signup as an auction victim... I mean, volunteer ... right now. It'll be open until the evening of the 22nd (UK time), and then auction bidding will start. Auction vids can be shown at the con (and we love it when they are) but they aren't a guaranteed part of a show - we tend to show them during/after Premieres, but we don't demand that vids be shown. This tends to mean that for those vids that are shown, the deadline for submissions is a bit later than others - particularly if the vid doesn't need to be listed in the conbook or form a part of the Premieres DVD. The aim is for it to be a nice thing for those involved, and being shown at the con is a completely and totally optional thing - so there's no stress if the vid doesn't make it into a show. We want it to be a fun experience for all involved.

So, please, consider signing up to be auctioned off. Think about how happy you'll be making the person who wins your auction, and how much you'll be doing for the con! Plus, remember that we love you for signing up or joining in, and are willing to bribe people with jelly beans.

Signup is through the con website - go to http://www.vidukon.co.uk and log in, and you should see an auction signup option in the panel on the left. If you are signing up, thank you - you're wonderful. Please don't be scared to sign up - some signups have been people who've never been auctioned off before, and hopefully they'll be willing to tell you that it isn't terrifying :)

Mon, Dec. 26th, 2016, 06:59 pm
nemo_r: Submissions Open: Panels and Vidshow ideas!

We're now open for programming ideas! The good, the crazy, the weird, the wonderful...

As ever, we're particularly in need of panel ideas, also panel/vidshow combos are great, and if you'd like to try a workshop or different format, make a suggestion, brainstorm and make it happen! Priority will be given to attending members, but supporting members can put together vidshows for us as well.

Veteran VJs are welcome and so are first-timers - if you'd like to put a vidshow together but don't know where to start, get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Want to brainstorm? Get feedback on your ideas or suggest them for someone else to pick up in the comments on this post or dreamwidth.

Deadline is June 5th. Deadline is March 6th.

Submit show ideas here and panel ideas here. Email me at nemo.no.man at gmail dot com if you have any questions!

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